Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapist Karsten Hernes Larsen

Evaluations and treatments are covered by several national and international insurances

including Helfo.

Languages: Norwegian, English, Spanish

Specialist in Examination and Treatment of Pain and Optimizing Movement.
OMPT Examination and Differential diagnosis

  • Wholistic with the individual at the center. Focused on the Nervous system and Joints with surrounding structures.

OMPT Planning of Rehabilitation

  • Return-to-play: Help people return to desired activity ASAP with physical exposure therapy.

OMPT Manual Techniques

  • Mobilizations of joints with movement.
  • HVLA manipulations of joints.
  • Osteopathic Techniques.

Education & Projects
Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland.
– Research paper:

  • Treatment and training in Parkinson’s Disease (2016).

Masters degree in Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapy from UIC Barcelona – International University of Catalonia, Spain.
– Research papers:

  • Treatment and training of Low Back Pain (2018).
  • Treatment and training of Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis (2022).

Additional skills:
Trigger point treatment with OR without needles
Acupuncture and Dry needling
TENS (current) with OR without needles
Gait analysis – Basic mapping of gait patterns
Hypopressive training and control of core muscles
Biomechanical Assessment & Guidance for optimizing the following activities:
– Crossfit
– Powerlifting
– Olympic lifting
– Strength training
– Swimming
– Cycling
– Running
– Ball sports
– Racquet Sports
– Children’s and youth sports
– Activities in Daily Living (ADL)

Ultrasound examination of muscle, tendon and joint problems, in collaboration with JCN

Group training sessions
– Strong and steady for the elders
– Osteoarthritis/rheumatic group
– Parkinson’s group
– Mobility and relaxation
– Aquagym
– Injury prevention circuit
– Strength and explosiveness for children and young people

Lectures (60 min):
15 lectures on topics ranging from recovery from pain, inflammation and injury to optimizing
physical performance in all ages.
– Get better with Parkinson’s disease (Training and treatment)
– Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and exercise that ignites the nerves
– An easier everyday life with a neck injury (tips and tricks)
– Increased energy and less pain (Fibromyalgia and Fatigue patients)
– From inflammation to healing (The balance between activity and rest)
– Excel every day (performance-enhancing training)
– The fight against osteoarthritis (motion is lotion)
– 7 alarming facts you must know about your pain
– Sleep is the elixir of life (a guide to better nights)
– The key to getting rid of the long-term pain
– Stay healthy and fast (injury prevention training)
– Bamboo back – become confident in your own back = increased explosiveness
(combined with activity)
– Bulletproof knees &/elbows = increased stability and robustness (combined with activity)
– Tripod – for stable ankles, balance and ground contact (combined with activity)
– Powerful hips &/ shoulders = increased support and mobility (combined with activity)

Coming soon!

– Local home visits
– Online video sessions
– Hotel Vistamar in Villajoyosa
– Hotel Suitopia in Calpe