Physiotherapist Ingrid – SICLINCS ALBIR

Your first choice of physiotherapy services in Albir.
● General Physiotherapy
● Lung, heart and neurological diagnoses
● Treatment and rehabilitation after surgery
● Pain management: prolonged and acute pain
● Musculoskeletal disorders
● Injury prevention training
● Rheumatic diseases including osteoarthritis exercise
● Lifestyle changes
● Home visits

● EviBase – exercise as treatment and medicine. Research-based health check-up:
Vo2max test, biological age, 1RM bone strength test, max heart rate calculator.
● Physio-Pilates groups (Certified Physio-Pilates instructor)
● Outdoor training
● Personal training

– We offer different types of massage like traditional, sport, deep tissue, relaxing and
more. Contact us for more information.